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What To Expect During Your Osteopathy Appointment

Appointments are fully clothed, and it's recommended to wear or bring a change of clothes that is loose, stretchy or non-restrictive (no jeans, no skirts, etc...).

Initial Osteopathic Treatment: First time appointments (45-60min) include reviewing a health history form, followed by comprehensive assessment and treatment. Assessment is based upon evaluating the quality of movement in your body tissues and joints, while comfortably standing, sitting, or lying down on the treatment table. Treatment is given to release restrictions where found, using gentle, non-invasive manipulative techniques. Osteopathic treatment is meant to be relaxing, rhythmical, and restorative.

Follow-up Osteopathic Treatment: Follow-up treatments (30-45min) will vary in frequency based on the patient’s health needs and upon their body’s ability to heal. Patients will typically improve after 3-5 treatments. In some serious or long-standing chronic cases, a longer treatment plan will be necessary.

“Find it, fix it, leave it alone.” -Andrew Taylor Still, Founder of Osteopathy

In osteopathic treatments, you are paying for the service, not for time. This is why a treatment will sometimes last shorter or longer in duration than other treatments. We seek to find the mechanical cause of the person’s symptoms, apply treatment to correct it, and then allow the body to regenerate.

To book an Initial Assessment and Treatment, please click here.

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