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Enhancing Vitality in Queer Patients, an Osteopathic Perspective

One principle in osteopathic theory is the notion of Vitality. Vitality describes the quality of aliveness, the state of being strong and active and energetic; your own personal power and life-force that you draw upon.

Injuries, trauma, bad posture, structural misalignments, poor mental/emotional health, psychosomatic stress, all can cause areas of restriction in your body where your vitality is blocked.

Now your body is spending energy trying to maintain itself, heal itself, live your life, resist social and environmental stressors, all with additional blockages in your body. And it's obviously amazing at doing so. But you still have less vitality accessible to you to just face the world. This limits the expression of your life-force, creativity, libido, and energy levels.

Queer, non-binary and trans people, BIPOC, and those who live with daily oppression, have greater levels of their vitality being spent on just existing in the world. It costs more to maintain balance when you're constantly under threat.


Osteopathy can help. By opening up areas in the body that are stuck, treating injuries, removing restrictions, we free up vital life-force and energy that can now flow into other areas of your life. Your body can sleep better, digest better, think better, live better, move better, love better, when it has less of its inherent vitality tied-up in dysfunctional restrictive patterns and pain.

This is how osteopathy, and other health care modalities, can help queer people so much. Osteopathy can help increase the quality of your life by freeing up your vitality. If you're interested in booking an initial consultation and treatment, click here.

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