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The World Health Organization has documented Acupuncture's success in treating over 43 health conditions. It is 100% natural and one of Canada's fastest-growing forms of healthcare. Acupuncture needles are as thin as human hair and very fine and flexible. In most cases, insertion by an Acupuncturist is performed with minimal discomfort.

​Acupuncture has its foundation in a multi-thousand-year evolution of medical theory & practice known today as Traditional Chinese Medicine. Based on your treatment plan, as few as three needles are necessary. Cupping, moxa, bodywork, and lifestyle recommendations are other treatment options with Acupuncture.

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Osteopathy is a manual “hands on” therapy that works to realign the structure of your body, using in an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics. When there are restrictions in the body, either from injuries, stress, repetitive strain, and poor posture, it restricts the flow of nerve, artery, vein, and lymphatics, known as the four rivers of life. 


When your vital life-force is stagnated, pain, inflammation, and dis-ease can follow. An osteopathic manual practitioner uses gentle, non-invasive techniques to relieve restrictions in your body and increase mobility in your joints, allowing your four rivers to flow, so the body can regenerate, heal, and experience homeostasis. 

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Chiropractic Treatment
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"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."

Chuang Tzu


Tuina Massage

Tuina (pronounced twee-nah) is a TCM massage technique which works with acupressure points and meridian channels to smoothen the flow of Qi and Blood relieving pain and relaxing the mind. Cupping and Gua Sha are also sometimes used in conjunction with Tuina.


Tuina is a multifaceted modality that can help relieve chronic pain and muscle stiffness and help balance the internal organs for healthy circulation, digestion, and mood.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is a modality that uses classical Swedish techniques to relax the body and mind. Massage aims to melt away muscle tension, relieve aches and pains, and decrease stress, using nourishing and high-quality lotions and oils that hydrate the skin.


In our busy and highly stimulated lives, slowing down, reducing stress, and receiving care can significantly improve the quality of our lives and help us feel grounded and present in our bodies.

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"Happiness is the highest form of health."

Dalai Lama


Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a multifaceted technique where the inside of glass cups are heated with fire and placed on the skin creating a vacuum, painlessly drawing out sickness, disease, and toxins from the body. It has roots in many ancient medicines, including Chinese medicine. 

Cupping improves blood flow to reduce pain, muscle tension, and emotional stress. In addition, there is no skin puncturing involved with our cupping treatments, and in most cases, there is minimal discomfort. 


Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing technique based on the teachings of Mikao Usui. During a session, an attuned practitioner lays their hands on or over the patient's body while channeling universal life energy to restore harmony and vitality to the body, mind, and soul.


When your energy is whole, you experience relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and wellbeing. It is a safe and simple healing method that works well alongside other modalities to reduce side effects and promote recovery.  

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Alternative Therapy
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